We are a law firm committed to employee rights

and fairness in the workplace. 

We represent individual employees in

both public and private employment, and public

employee unions in State Agencies, Universities,

School Districts, Cities, Counties, and Special Districts

throughout Southern and Central California. 


We focus on Unions, Employment Law, Collective Bargaining, Griveances, Unfair Labor Practices, PERB and SPB

Hearings,, At-Will Employment Issues, Labor – Wage and Hour and Overtime, Class Actions

Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, Whistle Blowing, and Labor Relations – 

Discipline, Grievances, and Unfair Labor Practices.


We also practice Personal Injury, Social Security, and Family Law

Our goal is to hear and understand your case, identify the key facts of your case, and apply the appropriate law to artfully achieve the best outcome possible, in the shortest possible time.  We will work closely with you to examine all of the possible approaches to your case.  You can help improve the prospects of your case immediately by gathering facts, figures etc.  Click on the following link to see how fact development


After family’s, jobs are the most important aspects of our lives.  We deal with situations, daily, that have placed job security and income at risk, and placed enormous stress on you, and your family.  


The negatives you are now dealing with include, of course Income, savings and security, but also anger, shame, a good night’s sleep, piece of mind, self-esteem, long term plans, community involvement, relationship with spouse, children, parents, and friends, all negatively affected.  You can now begin the process to remedy all of these problems by contacting us.  Our initial evaluation is free of charge.


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Employment, Labor Relations, Labor, Family Law.